Nothing says 'welcome to adulthood' like an offer to have sex on camera.

We think we would accept the Ferrari and call it a day.

For a lot of us, turning 18 back in the day meant having a cheeky vodka cruiser and receiving a nice necklace from our parents.

In case there was any doubt, Kylie Jenner is not like a lot us.

For her, turning 18 meant a $320,000 car from her (much older) boyfriend, a Birkin bag, and at least three offers from “adult film” companies to star in her very own porno with boyfriend, one-named rapper Tyga.

Haaaappy birthday Kylie!

According to TMZ, Kylie has allegedly been approached for the following deals:

1. Vivid Entertainment:

How much: $10 mill

How they sold it to her: “Kim’s sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you.”

2. Bangyoulater (how charming):

How much: $1.8 million up front

How they sold it to her: “This event will make you even more famous than either Kim K or Paris Hilton”

3. Digital Playground:

How much: Front woman for the company, so presumably, profit share.

How they sold it to her: “Now that you are of legal age, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be Digital Playground’s Brand Ambassador!”

We’d probably be taking our pretty necklace and running if that were us, Kylie.

But everyone celebrates the big 1-8 in their own way, we suppose.

If you’re interested in how else Kylie celebrated her birthday, her family of course shared it all on social media.

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