Kylie Jenner shared a selfie and angry fans are crying 'photoshop'.

Kylie Jenner has posted a selfie to Instagram that is apparently Photoshopped and fans are angry.

The picture shows the 19-year-old model in a long-sleeve white shirt pulled up to expose her flat stomach and a pair of boyleg underwear.

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The Puma briefs are worn high to accentuate the curve of Jenner’s hips. It’s a look that is enviable and attractive but also, it seems, impossible.

Followers of the reality TV star have been quick to notice the door-frame in the background is warped, evidence that the model’s hips and waist have been adjusted using an editing tool such as Photoshop.

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“I’m confused. You know people look for evidence of Photoshop. This is sloppy,” one person commented on the post. “Do you want people commenting about the warped door orrr..?”

“Photoshopped,” another said simply.

“Get that door looked at, the wood looks warped,” one person wrote beneath the image.

“Photoshopping extra curves like that is so unnecessary. She has a great body without it,” another said.