Three surprisingly useful tips we learnt from Kylie Jenner's Snapchat makeup routine.

Ready for a “low-key hard” challenge?

Recently, Kylie Jenner‘s been giving us glimpses into her face sans makeup on Snapchat. Yesterday, she did the opposite by demonstrating her entire makeup routine in a series of snaps. Fifty seven of them, to be precise.

However, there was no professional makeup set up or glam squad in sight — just Jenner, a mirror and her (enviable) makeup bag creating her “everyday” makeup look.

Fifteen-something products, 22 steps and eyebrow baking aside, it’s actually quite doable. Not to mention it’s packed with some clever tips Jenner’s picked up courtesy of the swag of celeb makeup artists who have painted her face.

Here are the three tricks we learned from King Kylie.

Watch: How to do the Kardashian favourite, dutch braids. (Post continues after video.)

1. How to avoid cakey foundation.

When you’re layering primer, liquid foundation, creamy concealer and powder, things can quickly get cake-y… and not the good kind.

To avoid this, Jenner swears by a trick Kardashian favourite Mario Dedivanovic taught her.


“Mario taught me to get your beauty blender a little extra wet to set your powder,” she said.

This gives it extra blendability and prevents the product from simply sitting on top of your concealer.

I’ve been teaching this for years but for those who have not this tip is for setting the under eye area only,” Dedivanovic added on Instagram.

“Wet the beauty blender then squeeze it out well, then set the under eyes with your loose powder. It goes on more natural and even.”




2. Try brown mascara.

After “natural” lashes, Jenner swapped her Lancome black mascara for a brown one.

“I use brown mascara on the bottom for a softer look. Patrick [Ta, celebrity makeup artist] taught me that,” she said.

The slightly lighter colour is less dramatic while still defining those baby lashes. (Post continues after gallery.)


3. Budget is where it’s at.

She may drop a couple of thousand dollars when she visits Sephora, but that doesn’t mean Jenner only uses high-end products.

While her bag features a $100 Chanel powder, she swears by a $19 blush in “Passion” from Sephora’s own brand, Sephora Collection. She’s also a fan of their creamy bronze-y brown-y shadow liner, $18, applied inside her waterline.

Her sister Khloe is also a fan of budget beauty – her fave mascara is a drugstore brand that will get you change from $15.



Aside from the makeup tricks, we also left Snapchat a little wiser thanks to these important lessons.

1. Eyebrows can be ‘baked.’

The secret to all those #OnFleek Instagram brows? Baking, apparently – and not of the cupcake variety. Or as Jenner says, “Set that bitch”.

A technique beloved by the Kardashians, baking involves using concealer and translucent powder to set your makeup, making it last far longer and prevent creasing. Usually done under the eyes, Jenner also does this above and below her brows after carefully defining them with concealer.

While many ‘bake’ for about 10 minutes, the 18-year-old says she doesn’t do it for very long. We probably won’t be bothering with this step ourselves… but good to know.

2. “Natural” makeup is hard.

After completing her 22-step makeup, Jenner concluded that the experience was “low-key hard”.



It’s a truth silently but universally acknowledged that any “natural” or “just woke up like this” makeup look probably took the wearer a good 15 minutes and at least five and half products to look so “effortless”. Let’s just own up to it like Jenner, OK?

Image: Instagram/@kingkylie

What’s the best makeup tip you’ve learned?