The Kylie Jenner Interview photoshoot: Let's break it down.

Kylie Jenner as wheelchair-bound sex doll. What could go wrong?

Of all the Jenner/Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is the one who gets the most column inches.

Let’s just consider that.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant to Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian’s former/current husband just came out of a coma, and Kendall Jenner is a freakin’ supermodel. That’s rather an achievement for a girl who’s done little more than be born and then wear clothing.

The 18-year-old must feel the pressure to define herself from her sisters. And whatever she does seems to be working. It’s Kylie who people talk about the most.

This latest photoshoot, for Interview magazine’s Art Issue, is ticking all the Kylie Jenner boxes: it looks kind of porny and it’s creating a huge media kerfuffle.

So what’s the deal with Kylie Jenner’s Interview magazine shoot? Let’s break it down.

SEX DOLL: Jenner’s been made to look like a doll. Her huge pouting lips look more unnatural than ever and she stares dead-eyed. Is she supposed to look like a sex doll? 

Kylie Jenner is carried like a mannequin in this shot.

“It’s deeply disturbing,” Emily Smith Beitiks, associate director of the Paul K. Longmore Institute of Disability, told CNN. “People with disabilities are already seen as powerless, and this just reinforces that. I think she’s literally being objectified to look like a sex doll, and this wheelchair is an added element of passivity they’re adding on.”

BONDAGE: Kylie Jenner is wearing chokers, latex and corsets. Added to the poses and the wheelchair, it’s highlighting her extreme passivity.

NO PANTS: Because Kardashians don’t need pants.

ABLEISM: In several of the pictures, Kylie Jenner is posed in a gold wheelchair. Critics are saying it’s ableist — which is to discriminate against people with disabilities in favour of those with able bodies. Why is she in a wheelchair? Is it insulting?

One of Kylie Jenner’s shots for Interview.

Interview magazine issued a statement saying the shoot explores “positions of power and control and exploring [Jenner’s] image as an object of vast media scrutiny.”

“Our intention was to create a powerful set of pictures that get people thinking about image and creative expression, including the set with the wheelchair. But our intention was certainly not to offend anyone.”

Beth Grossman, Head of Policy at disability charity Scope, told The Independent: “If Interview Magazine wanted a glamorous, sexy wheelchair user on its front cover it’s a shame they couldn’t use someone disabled.


“Having a non-disabled person in a wheelchair, as a provocative fashion prop, will offend many disabled people. It’s rare that we see aspirational and authentic reflections of disabled people in advertising and the media.”

BARE BUM: In one of the shots, Jenner is wearing a pair of arse-less pants with her pale bum sticking out. Is this an homage to her big sis Kim?


PUBLICITY: Interview isn’t a particularly big magazine, but it is known for its provocative shoots. Is this about Jenner creating a splash like her sisters? 

MONEY: Was Kylie Jenner paid for this? Wouldn’t have thought Interview had a Kardashian-level budget.

FACE-TAPE: Kylie Jenner wrote on Instagram, “Plastic doll vibes ;) pulling my face back with tape all day was much worth it for this amazing art cover of @interviewmag with @stevenkleinstudio & #karltempler so dope!!!!”

HAIR: Those wigs are amazing.

“Just licking my ice-cream in my latex chest-plate and my perfect bouffant.”

EXPLOITATION: Kylie Jenner is only 18, and she didn’t devise this ill-advised shoot. Has she been exploited by the photographer Stephen Klein?

There is very little doubt she’s being made to look like a sex doll in this image.

“Throughout the Art Issue, we celebrate a variety of women who are both the creators and subjects of their artistic work, and the Kylie feature aims to unpack Kylie’s status as both engineer of her image and object of attention,” Interview magazine said in its statement.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s Interview magazine photoshoot? Is it offensive?