Kylie Jenner just showed her fans what her natural hair looks like.

Kylie Jenner is a bit of a hair chameleon – she’s always pimping out her locks with coloured wigs and shiny extensions.

This year she even donned a highlighter-yellow wig for Coachella, and she’s known for experimenting with looks that us mere mortals can’t even imagine pulling off.

kylie jenner hair
"My hair is so crazy." Image via Snapchat.

So it's easy to forget that underneath all that glamour - she has normal, natural hair - and that it doesn't always do what she wants it to do.

This week Kylie gave us a rare glimpse into her natural hair colour on Snapchat. She posted an image of her natural hair pulled into a bun, writing: "My hair is so crazy".


In a Snapchat video last year, Kylie told her fans that dying her hair all the time had "destroyed" her natural hair colour.

“The top of my hair is kind of destroyed from the bleach so I’m really, like, self-conscious about it,” Kylie said in the video.

highlighter hair ????

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That's why the 19-year-old is now choosing wigs and extensions over dye jobs. And we feel so much better knowing that even Kylie Jenner has bad hair days.

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