This person is famous. She changed her hair and we had no idea who she was.

Image: Instagram

Where one Kardashian family member goes, the others tend to follow – especially when it comes to style.

In 2013 , Kim was the first of the ebony-haired sisters to take a walk on the blonder side of life. Last year, Khloe followed suit:

Now, we finally have a trifecta.

Tammin Sursok has changed her hair colour… again.

Kylie Jenner - i.e. the youngest member of the Kardashian Klan, perhaps best known for her ever-fattening lip line - just posted the following photo on Instagram. If you can draw your eyes away from her giant lips and Amy Winehouse-level eyeliner aside, you'll notice she's got some seriously blonde hair going on:

Kylie's no stranger to hair changes - she's been turquoise, silver and blue this past year alone - but for the first time, we here at The Glow actually struggled to recognise her in this photo. (But, um, maybe that's because we tend to forget that Kylie and Kendall aren't the same person...)

Why does everyone want rainbow hair right now?

Seriously, though - who is this woman?

The 17-year-old's blonde makeover is all part of a photoshoot for Love magazine - the same monthly that recently ran the cover of Kim Kardashian with no eyebrows. What were we saying about Kardashians following in one another's footsteps...?

It's not uncommon for magazines to put wigs on their covergirls, so we can't say for sure whether the lighter version of Kylie is here to stay.

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