Jackie O read out a letter sent to Kyle Sandilands on air. We were stunned by its contents.

A surprise letter to the Kyle and Jackie O may have finally revealed that beneath his rough exterior, Kyle Sandilands does have a heart, after all.

Jackie O surprised her breakfast radio co-host this morning, by reading a letter that a 78-year-old woman, named Carol, had written to the show.

“Today I had a most amazing experience, the likes of which I have never had before,” she wrote.

Carol wrote that after dining out with a friend, Kyle had paid their meal bill for them when they went to pay.


“It was a most generous action on your part and astonishing for us. Thank you very, very much.”

78-year-old Carol was touched by Kyle's unexpected gesture. Image via KIIS.

Kyle tried to play the incident down, saying the owners refused to let him pay for his own meal, so instead he wanted to pay for somebody else's.

"I said let me pay for them, at least pay for something...I had the money out already," he said.

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