Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony's latest Instagram video was so raunchy, it got deleted.

“Pipe down, you saucy minxes!”

That’s what I imagine the good people of Instagram cried out when they removed an especially raunchy video of radio shock-jock Kyle Sandilands and his model girlfriend Imogen Anthony this week.

Yep – apparently an innocent video of cupping your girlfriend’s bare breasts is a no-no by the platform’s community standards.


The racy footage was posted to the official Kyle & Jackie O KIIS FM account in response to rumours published in Confidential last weekend that the relationship was strained because of Imogen’s X-rated social media antics.

I honestly don't see what said "antics" are...

But considering the following dialogue between the pair, I think we can put that speculation to rest.

In the video, Imogen (donning a black wig) said: “I think this is a little bit risky…” to which an abundantly sarcastic Sandilands replied, “I don’t think it suits my brand. I’m worried about it.”


Speaking to The Daily Telegraph a spokesperson from KIIS confirmed the vid was removed by Instagram.

“The cheeky video of Kyle and Imogen was posted on Kyle & Jackie’s Instagram account on Sunday however Instagram later removed it.”