FLUFF: Kyle Sandilands sort-of hints his girlfriend is pregnant.

Everyone’s reporting that Kyle Sandilands‘ girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, is pregnant. (Yes, the woman who wore a bikini made of sand on the runway).

But we looked into it, and actually all he did was publicly discuss his girlfriend’s menstrual cycle live on national radio.

Seriously Kyle, can you not broadcast the details of someone else’s period to the nation?

There are some things, like for instance, a woman’s period, that are personal. We accept that if you date a man like Kyle, you accept a certain level of embarrassment risk, but this isn’t cool.

During Kyle and Jackie O’s regular segment What Men Hate About Women (nothing like a side of antagonism with your morning coffee), Jackie O said: “Guys hate it when you announce you’re on your period, because it’s like a free pass to just be a bitch to everyone and you can get away with it.”

Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony

Sandilands then replied, “This is how I know you guys lie, because always the period’s getting mentioned at my place. And she’s like, ‘I haven’t had my period for three months.’

“I’m like, hang on a second, you have been blaming this and you haven’t even had it for three months?”

Since this slip of the tongue, tabloids have been running stories that Imogen might be pregnant, and congratulations to them both if that’s the case. But I’ll believe it when I hear it addressed in a respectful way.

And what if she’s not pregnant?

Which is highly likely, considering that women miss their monthly cycle for a number of (personal) reasons including exercise, medication, stress, eating disorders or simply that we’re not all synced up with a clock that chimes ‘period’ every 4 weeks.

If she’s not pregnant, Imogen’s just going to be known as the woman with abnormal bodily functions. And that’s not fair.

Hey Imogen, when was the last time Kyle got food poisoning and stunk up the toilet? When was the last time that he broke out in a rash after an allergic reaction? What kind of shampoo does he use, is it anti-dandruff? It’s your turn.