Here we go again: Kyle Sandilands fat-shames new mums and pregnant women.


Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands is under fire for ‘fat-shaming’ pregnant women and new mums.

In a promotional video for KISS FM entitled ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, 43-year-old Sandilands tries flower arranging to give to new mothers in a maternity ward.

He says in the video: “There you go Mums, you’ve got some flowers had a baby; now all you have to do is three years on the treadmill to get that pre-baby body back in shape.”

“And let’s face it, most of you are going to fail at that, but good luck trying,” he adds.

“Because life is about trying, not about being thin, although thin is better.”

Reporting the story this morning, The Daily Mail pointed out: “HE should talk… He is currently struggling with the battle of the bulge himself.”

Kyle Sandilands is no stranger to controversy.

In 2011, he verbally attacked News Ltd Journalist Alison Stephenson, calling her a “fat slag” and a “piece of shit” — and mocking her breast size — after she reported on his TV show’s falling ratings. The Australian Communications and Media Authority found Sandilands breached radio code of practice by making the shocking comments.

Inj 2009, his old radio station, 2Day FM, suspended Sandilands briefly after he said actor Magda Szubanski would lose weight more effectively ‘in a concentration camp’.

Also in 2009, a 14-year-old girl on Kyle and Jackie O’s show revealed she had been raped during a lie detector segment. The girls’ mother had dragged her onto the radio show, but the stunt backfired when the girl started crying and made the startling revelation.