Kyle and Jackie O pay man $1000 to fellate himself on-air.

What a way to start the day.

The bottom on the barrel has officially been scraped and what a huge surprise – that despicable lovable duo Kyle Sandilands, 43, and Jackie O, 40, did the scraping.

In their latest hilarious stunt, Sydney’s most popular breakfast radio duo offered $1000 to a listener to perform fellatio on himself, live on KIIS FM.

Yep, as people were eating their cornflakes, these two breakfast radio luminaries paid some guy to eat, well… you get the drift.

Yes, these two host the most popular breakfast radio show in Australia. Image via Instagram.

The really great idea came about after Jackie O asked yesterday if any listeners were physically able to perform the feat.

And of course, some self-proclaimed legend called in with this to say.

“Yesterday Josh rang us up and said, ‘Hey, I’m one of those … guys’ who can bend himself in half and he can take care of business solo, just him and his mouth,” Sandilands said this morning.

Josh, whose sex-life has clearly been less than successful to date when it comes to engaging with another human being, came in to the KIIS FM studio this morning to demonstrate his inspiring talent.

“We’re going to use an analogy this morning, we’ve got Crunchie bars in here,” said Jackie O. “Some of the men in the office are going to give it a go just to see and then you’ll [Josh] possibly do the same with your Crunchie bar.”


A short interview about Josh’s “skill” was just as highbrow as you’d imagine, before Jackie O told the men to “give it a whack”.

There followed a running commentary that ended with Sandilands saying, “He’s just bitten three inches off the top. Make sure you swallow that Crunchie. Don’t spit it out, you know the rules.”

Breakfast radio isn’t how it used to be. Image via Instagram.

In a statement to news.com.au, an ARN spokesperson said:

“This segment came about organically in response to an article on a popular global news site that stated interesting human facts. From that, a segment was developed which became a social experiment with a call out to Sydney listeners.

“Being mindful of the time that this segment was being aired, we ensured that there wasn’t any sexually explicit language. There have been no complaints to the station.”

This is the top-rating breakfast radio show in Australia. There are no words.

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