All we know about how a 20-year-old swim coach allegedly abused young girls.

Warning: This article deals with alleged child sexual abuse.

In the weeks since a 20-year-old Sydney swimming instructor was first charged with sexual assault against two of his young students, further shocking details have emerged.

Kyle Daniels now faces 31 charges relating to the alleged sexual abuse of eight girls aged between the ages of six and 10. He has denied all charges.

Most unsettling is that parents reportedly made complaints about the Knox Grammar graduate more than six months before he was charged, and that many of these assaults allegedly occurred while Daniels was under supervision.

This is what we know so far about the young man’s alleged crimes and how they were noticed, reported, but until recently, not acted on.

Kyle Daniels’ 31 charges.

On Tuesday, March 12, Kyle Daniels was arrested and charged with assaulting two sisters, aged six and eight, who he taught at Mosman Swim Centre.

Police said the alleged offences took place during lessons at the swim centre in February. They allege that on February 2, Daniels sexually touched the six-year-old during class, and then on 14 February, he had sexual intercourse with the eight-year-old.

The girls then told their parents, who informed the police. Police then began gathering evidence for a month before formally charging Daniels with two counts of intentionally sexually touching a child under the age of 10 and having sexual intercourse with a child under 10.

Kyle Daniels worked as a swim instructor at Mosman Swim Centre. Image: Instagram

However, just a week after his arrest, police laid 28 additional charges on Daniels, the Manly Daily reported.

Police now allege that Daniels' offending dates back to June 2018, and that he sexually touched six other girls.

The charges include eight counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10, six counts of intentionally sexually touching a child under 10 years and 14 counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 years of age.


Parents made complaints seven months before Daniels' arrest.

When Kyle Daniels appeared in Manly Local Court on March 20, the court heard that parents made complaints seven months ago about him "inappropriately" holding young girls.

Manly Daily reports that Daniels was forced to sign an internal memo dated mid-August from the swim school stating that he understood that he was not to unnecessarily touch children in his classes.

The school's memo warned that instructors were not to hold children too close to the groin or chest area. The University of Sydney student was also told to keep his hands above water and to position himself beside and not behind children.

"As instructors, it is extremely important that we are aware and using the correct technique to hold and interact with children," the memo read.

The memo also warned against being overly playful or hands-on, or cuddling the children too much.

This memo allegedly came after a parent noticed Daniels' "inappropriate hold", and made a complaint.

However, the complaint was not reported to the ombudsman's office or police.

That's because there was no 'mandatory reporting' rule in this case that required management to report complaints to authorities.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that this is thanks to a loophole. Management at any government-run organisation, such as schools or childcare centres, do need to report complaints that could suggest child abuse might have occurred.


But in this case, the swim centre was run by a contractor, and therefore the mandatory reporting rules didn't apply.

Had the contractor been forced to forward on complaints against Daniels, further alleged abuse may not have occurred.

Because it's while under the supervision enforced by the Mosman Swim Centre that Daniels allegedly touched and assaulted girls in February.

It was only when the parents of these two girls took their complaints to police that the school suspended Daniels from teaching.

Out on bail but under strict conditions

After spending a week in jail, Daniels was granted bail on Wednesday 20 March at a bond of $100,000. Conditions of this bail include that he cannot be allowed to interact alone with children under 16 years old and he cannot work as a swimming instructor.

While discussing his charges, Daniels' lawyer argued that it was "glaringly improbable" that he could have sexually assaulted children in a public swimming pool.

To that, the magistrate, Daniel Reiss, replied: "We have a cardinal who is in jail," referencing George Pell's recent conviction over historic sex crimes.

Kyle Daniels' case will next be heard in court on May 8.