Leaked tape reveals the real Kyle and Jackie O...

Kyle and Jackie O






Last Friday, the last-ever Kyle and Jackie O show went to air on 2day FM.

And 2Day FM, certainly made sure the long time on-air duo, got a farewell present – in the form of a two-minute tape, played at the Christmas party on Monday night.

The tape features the ever-controversial Kyle and Jackie O being their usual <sarcasm> charming <sarcasm> selves. It’s essentially a blooper reel, filled with moments never aired on the show; Kyle and Jackie O swearing at staff and generally being ridiculously offensive.

You can listen to the tape on Mumbrella here (they received it from an “anonymous radio insider”), but here are some of the low points:

Kyle saying, “I don’t want a big girl that’s full of confidence that will boss me around. I want a skanky little drunk ho, full of issues, that I can just manipulate with my mind.”

Kyle yelling at staff: “Calls are finished. SHUT THAT OFF, IDIOT! Friggin’ idiot. Bloody stupid…” and calling Prinnie a “piece of shit”

Jackie speaking about a trip to LA: “there’s just too many fucking faults and stupid things on the website that haven’t been thought of”

Kyle ranting about ciggies: “Has that **** got my cigarettes yet? No? Well f*** me dead!”

And the epic finale, courtesy of Kyle: “You motherfuckers! I’m gonna cut your throat! I’m gonna come in your mouth!”

Just… we don’t even have any words.

Apparently, Jackie O was present at the Christmas party where the audio tape was played. Guy Dobson, chief content officer for Southern Cross Austereo, told Mumbrella: “It was played last night with Jackie in attendance. It was a blooper tape of their off-air antics put together to play at the end of year private function – it is nothing more and nothing less.”

Kyle told Ajay Rochester to vomit before she stepped on the scales.

Although the tape is all kinds of disgusting, it’s not particularly a surprise from the pair, who go hand-in-hand with controversy.


Their show was suspended for a brief period in 2009 after a lie detector stunt in which Kyle quizzed a 14-year-old about her sexual history, during which it transpired that the girl had been raped.

The show came under intense scrutiny again in 2011, after referring to a News Ltd journalist as a “fat slag” on air.

In a statement, released on the 1st November, Kyle and Jackie O announced that they were leaving 2Day FM after a decade on air as Australia’s most popular radio duo;  2Day FM added that the pair’s decision was a mutual decision in consultation with Kyle, Jackie and 2Day FM.

At the time, insiders said the cost to the radio network of Kyle’s repeated sexist gaffes and scandals become too high risk and executives at 2day FM were no longer prepared to tolerate it. However, that doesn’t seem to bother MIX 106.5 – the pair will be moving to MIX in 2014.

The show managed to be controversial right until the end, with their final show playing host to Ajay Rochester’s final weigh-in for the Kyle and Jackie O ‘fat bet.’ Kyle told her to vomit before she stepped onto the scales.

Did you listen to Kyle and Jackie O? Does this change the way you feel about them? Tell us, will you be tuning into the new show on MIX in 2014?