A Kyle and Jackie O listener has confessed to having a baby with his sister.

Of all of the bizarre topics Sydney radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson have discussed over the years, incest has to be up there at the top of the list. Which is exactly what the KIIS FM duo did on Tuesday.

Speaking to a caller known only as ‘Nick’, the radio hosts talked about the illegal activity and the child Nick recently welcomed into the world with his half-sister.

“Nothing’s wrong with him, he’s a beautiful little boy,” Nick told the hosts via a voice decoder.

When asked as to whether or not they were worried about their children having birth defects or problems later in life, Nick said, “We took the risk, we took the gamble. And at the moment there aren’t any issues.”

He continued, “We didn’t really want to know anything that could happen or would happen. So far so good.”

Given that incest – which covers sexual relationships between full and half-siblings – is currently illegal throughout Australia, Nick told the radio hosts that none of their family knew about the relationship. He also said they have no plans to tell their child about their sibling connection.

Radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

"We just laugh about it," Nick said of the connection between himself and his partner. "There may be a weird moment when one of us will take it too far. Like in the bedroom, saying: 'Oh you can't do that to me, you're my big brother,' or something."

Within minutes of airing the confession, a number of listeners began calling in to share their views.

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"I'm a primary school teacher and I'm currently teaching a Year 1-2 class, and in first term we do a big 'All About Me' unit," one female caller said.

"Oh that'll be fun when they do that," Sandilands said laughing.

"That poor kid, how are they going to talk about who their parents are, who their grandparents are, who their aunts and uncles are if they're going to keep it a secret for starters?" the caller continued, asking, "And if they do tell them, what kind of judgement is this kid going to face?"

"The kid is going to find out," she concluded.

Do you think the parents should tell their children?