'It was a $10,000 dress.' The TikTok sister drama no one saw coming.

Currently, there's an internet beef unfolding between two influencer sisters and it's all because of two prom dresses.

ICYMI, this week has been a big one for teens in the United States who are attending their high school proms. 

And for those like Izzy Darnell, a model and TikTok content creator, it's been her time to shine. 

However, her big sister Kylan, a 20-year-old college student, has made it clear in a viral video that she's been less than impressed with her younger sibling's antics this week.

Watch a snippet of Kylan and Izzy Darnell on Tiktok together (before the beef, of course). Post continues after video. 

Video via TikTok @kylan_darnell.

For any of those unfamiliar with either of the pair, don't worry. You don't need to follow with the same intensity that I have for the last 72 hours because I've gathered every single shred of information you need to know. 

You're welcome.

The viral prom video. 

There's a chance you haven't seen Kylan's face before, but she is pretty well known in the United States for being crowned Miss Ohio Teen USA back in 2022. She also has more than 865,000 followers on TikTok, mostly gained when she was documenting her journey to get into a sorority at the University of Alabama last year.

Her little sister Izzy is in high school with more than 330,000 followers and for the last few weeks, all she's been talking about is junior prom (the US version of Year 11 formal). 


This weekend, she finally got her chance to shine in a pastel yellow gown but while recording a video of herself lip-syncing on TikTok, she fell into the pool behind her. 

Watch it for yourself here: 

@izzy.darnell Took a swim. Casually crying #fyp #fy #prom ♬ original sound - soph

And, look, we're not gonna lie. It feels staged... probably because it is. 

But! That doesn't mean we're not entertained. 

In just four days, the 11-second clip has racked up almost 40 million views and more than 3.7 million likes in total. 

In another video that got more likes than the original clip (it currently sits at 4.4 million likes), Izzy filmed herself in the bathtub and told followers, "Well. I just ruined my prom. I just freaking fell into my pool in my prom dress. What do I do?" she said. 

"My hair is not gonna be dry in an hour for pictures. I'm not going to be full-beat and hair-ready in an hour. How is my hair going to dry?"


Happy prom gotta love this

♬ original sound - izzy darnell

A replacement prom dress.

Luckily for Izzy, she managed to pull it together in just a few short hours. Eventually, she came on to TikTok to show her blow-dried hair (!), freshly applied makeup (!!) and a brand new prom dress (!!!)... Yep, in less than about three hours. 

It's a miracle... Or perhaps a very well-planned skit.

@izzy.darnell Happy pram #fyp #pram @Riley M. Cunningham ♬ see you again x bonfire - thatsthewrongnote

Nevertheless, Izzy looked beautiful and she gained notoriety for the 'accidental' fall. 

But while it might have been a perfectly good plan to get some clout, the TikToker's big sister has made it clear she's not in on the joke.


A "furious" sister.

Three days after Izzy filmed herself falling into the pool, Kylan confessed she was "furious" with her sister because not only were BOTH prom dresses "ruined" in the end, but neither of them belonged to Izzy.

"I'm mad because that dress is mine and I was like, 'Yes, you can wear the dress,'" Kylan recalled. "... I wasn't furious that she was wearing it [but] I didn't expect the dress to go in the pool and get absolutely ruined... All the chemicals bleached the dress out and it's done for."

Kylan said the second dress was ruined too when she realised there had been alterations made.

"I'm actually furious and some of you guys might be like, 'Why are you so mad?' Because that dress is also mine," she said, adding that Izzy hadn't asked to borrow the couture gown worth "$10,000". 


"She didn't ask permission," Kylan reiterated. "[It's couture] that I [had] worked all year for to by myself and it was $10,000.

"That dress is a custom that I designed that I absolutely fell in love with and the reason why I'm mad is because I was [saving it]" she added. 

"...I'm mad because they didn't even ask my permission to ruin my dress and I know for a fact it's ruined... I'm not just overreacting because it was a dress that I loved."

@kylan_darnell WHAT THE FLIP the darnell girls are fighting #teatime #prom2024 @izzy darnell ♬ original sound - Kylan Darnell

Most of those who have watched the TikTok drama unfold have taken Kylan's side. 

"I'm APPALLED at Izzy's response," one person commented. 

Another wrote, "You are handling this a whole lot better than I could have. You are such a good big sister."

In true little sister fashion, Izzy responded to her sister in a TikTok video where she claimed Kylan was mad that she "made it look better". 

"She's telling everyone I ruined a $10,000 dress? No, I didn't. I made it look better!" she said.

One more response video from Kylan made clear she was not impressed with the situation but was willing to forgive. 

"My mum called me. They're gonna pay me back and everything is going to be fine," she said

"Izzy, if you're seeing this, I'm still mad about the dress but I do love you and please stop... It's time to cut it out. It was fun while it lasted."

Feature Image: TikTok @kylan_darnell, @izzy.darnell.

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