We finally know if Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming back to TV.

Kim’s horrifying Parisian robbery left fans the world over with a lot of questions: how did it happen? Who is behind it? Is Kim doing okay?

But there was another question reality television fans were asking after Kim’s social media accounts were radio silent: what is going to happen to Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

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In the wake of the robbery, rumours swirled that Kim – and her entire famous family – were seriously reconsidering how much of their private lives they were willing to share with the public, despite the fact they were already in the middle of filming a new series of their popular show.

What does Kim's Paris robbery mean for her long-running reality TV show? Image via E!

After the attack, a spokesperson for the show revealed that filming had been put on hold "indefinitely" until Kim felt ready to return to work.


Let's just say that things weren't looking too good.

kim kardashian's paris apartment
The Parisian apartment where Kim was robbed at gunpoint two weeks ago. Image via Getty.

But, cool your jets and calm your farms, because just two weeks after the attack, cameras were back to following the famous Klan around Hollywood.

Kim's little sister Kendall was spotted at the opening of a store in Beverly Hills, flanked by the KUWTK camera crew and even though the cameras were only rolling for about 12-15 minutes, it looks like good news for the show's yet-to-be-announced thirteenth season.

Page Six are even reporting that people in the area had to sign release forms to allow filming. 

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