The moving letter Kurt Cobain's daughter penned on what would've been his 50th birthday.

The daughter of late musician and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, has penned a touching note to her father on what would have been his 50th birthday.

On Instagram, the 24-year-old visual artist posted an image of the short, handwritten letter, which read:

Today would have been your 50th birthday

You are loved and you are missed

Thank you for giving me the GIFT of life

Forever your daughter, Frances Bean Cobain

Underneath the image, Frances Bean added the caption, “February 20th 2017. Happy Birthday.”


Singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain took his own life on the 5th of April, 1994, after a lengthy battle with heroin addiction, chronic stomach and lung illness, and mental health problems. Frances Bean had not yet turned two at the time of her father’s death.

Frances Bean’s life has been marred by controversy before it even began. When her mother – grunge singer and Hole front woman Courtney Love – was pregnant with her, it was believed she was still heavily using heroin. The couple’s joint drug use saw Frances Bean spend the first months of her life in a legal tussle between child protection services and her famous parents.

After her father’s death at 27, Frances Bean was raised between Seattle and Los Angeles by her mother, aunts, and paternal grandmother at various stages.

In October 2003, Love was arrested for drug-related offences, which saw her overdose on painkillers hours later. The incidents caused Love to lose custody of Frances Bean again, only to regain her two years later.

By December 2009, Love again lost custody – this time as a result of “allegations of domestic violence”.

Frances Bean went on to marry rock musician Isaiah Silva in June 2014 but had filed for divorce by March 2016. The artist is in control of her late father’s estate, which is believed to be worth around AU$220 million.