9-year-old Kristina is being touted as "the most beautiful girl in the world".

Some commentators suggest photos like this go too far. What do you think?




There are dozens of headlines around today talking about a model dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world”.

They’re not talking about a Victoria’s Secret Model, Angelina Jolie or Megan Gale.

Instead, they’re referring to a pre-pubescent Russian child called Kristina Pimenova — who, at nine years old, is already raking in serious money as a supermodel.

Kristina has already graced the cover of Vogue Bambini and walked the catwalk for several designers, and she has more than two million followers on Facebook.

She also has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram — and her very own YouTube channel featuring a video slideshow of her photos from toddler age onwards.

The tiny girls’ booming career has sparked controversy on social media — with commenters voicing concerns over “sexualised” poses and outfits, which feature miniskirts and leotards.

Photo: Facebook.

“Let her be a child , she is being exposed to creepy men,” Natalie Henderson posted to the Today show Facebook page.


This is a classic example of child exploitation,” another commenter wrote.

“Ok the fact that someone posted a comment saying ‘sexy legs’ is God damn disgusting,” one Instagram follower wrote.

Hannah Phillips weighed in on Facebook: “If you grow up being told that you are the MOST BEAUTIFUL… God forbid you ever get knocked back for a modelling gig or something.

“Talk about major psychological damage. Let her be 6 and play in the dirt…”

Photo: Facebook.

Others leaped to the defence of the tiny model’s booming career — or openly admired her looks by voicing their envy of the child’s slight frame.

“Having a quick flick through Google images I don’t see any overly sexualized images,” one wrote.

I want to be you so bad,” Noura Alaisa wrote on the girl’s official Facebook page.

Follower bryanhall_xo wrote on Instagram: “I’m setting my leg goals to the standard of a 6 year old girl…#perfect”

Do you think Kristina’s fame is disturbing – or an innocent case of an adorable little girl cashing in on her talents?