Kristen Stewart suffers from this little-known condition. Do you?

Do strangers regularly stop you in the street and tell you to "smile"? 

Have you ever noticed people cowering after making eye contact with you?

Do others generally assume you're a nasty person, even when you haven't uttered a single word to them?

I don't mean to alarm you, but there's a high likelihood that you're suffering from an undiagnosed case of BRF – Bitchy Resting Face.

BRF is a widely misunderstood condition, which causes its sufferers to have faces that just look… mean. Unapproachable. Intimidating. Victoria Beckham has BRF. As does Kristen Stewart.

BRF sufferers look bitchy, even when they're undertaking pleasant activities like eating cupcakes, daydreaming about exotic overseas holidays, attending A-List Hollywood events (hi, Kristen!) or watching Ryan Gosling movies. This causes others to assume they are bitchy people. Unfortunately, many do not realise that a bitchy face has no direct correlation with a bitchy personality. 

The good news is, Bitchy Resting Face is far more common than you think, as this video indicates. There's also a male equivalent – Resting A**hole Face. Isn't that reassuring?