Kristen Bell says her 'toxic' behaviour almost destroyed her relationship with Dax Shepard.

The relationship between Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard is one that often elicits labels like:



Behind the CAPITALISED, glossy headlines on their relationship, it is like any other – it needs work.

After the honeymoon period ends, it needs constant refreshing. It has the rough patches, the normal days, and then the days where you think, “Oh, yes, this is worth it”.

In an honest interview, Bell spoke about how fragile their relationship became because of the drama she invoked.

Speaking to Harry Connick Jr on his talk show, the 37-year-old said that the couple didn’t stop fighting at the beginning of their relationship.

“When we first met, we fell madly in love and I love the dramatic exit,” Bell said.

“We’d get in a fight because we’d fight a lot, and I’d yell something and then slam the bedroom door, then I’d slam the front door, then I’d get in my car and then I’d skid out the driveway and I would sit around the corner in my car and it felt so good and I realized how incredibly toxic it was only after he pointed it out.”

#tbt to when I cried at our wedding and @daxshepard thought it was really funny.

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After tolerating her love of drama for those months, Shepard finally laid an ultimatum down for his partner.

“Three months into our relationship he was like, ‘You can’t leave anymore during fights. I’m not going to do that.'”

“He has a very high standard and a strong code of ethics. He was like, ‘No, I have more respect for myself. I love you, but I’m not going to do that my whole life. Our marriage won’t survive.'”

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“Everything he was saying was making so much sense and I was like damn this guy.”

So, yes, love is real. But, love also needs you to stay until the end of the fight.

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