Kristen Bell had a very funny breastfeeding 'mishap' while rehearsing for her latest film.

You’re Skyping in to a table read for a major Hollywood blockbuster. You’re confined to your home because you have just birthed a tiny human who still needs to be breastfeed.

Then, halfway through the meeting, you realise it’s time to pump. What could possibly go wrong?

According to Bad Moms 2 star Kristen Bell, quite a lot.

Sharing the story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside her co-stars Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, the 37-year-old said she thought no one would notice her whipping out her breast pump during rehearsal.

How wrong she was.

“K-Bell’s just on a giant screen Skyped in, and as we’re reading the script, you see her face just getting closer and closer into the screen,” Mila Kunis told Ellen.

mila kristen bad moms ellen
"Kristen's face as just getting closer and closer into the screen," Mila said. Image via YouTube.

"The rest of her body just keeps kind of getting out of the screen...And then you hear this," she continued, imitating the sound of a breast pump doing it's thing.

"I didn't know I was on a movie projector... I would have loved the heads up," Kristen said, adding she thought by 'Skyping in' her image would only be seen on one person's computer.

"I needed to pump... I'm sorry, but when you gotta do it, you gotta do it!" she said.

"I thought, 'They're not going to care and it's not going to be very loud'. I didn't realise I was on a 200-inch screen on speakers in a conference room."

bad moms 2 gals ellen
Mothers themselves, her co-stars knew exactly what was going on. Image via YouTube.

Both mothers themselves, Kathryn and Mila immediately knew what that sound meant, even if the men in the meeting didn't.

"The boys were like, 'There's static on the call, can we check the line?'" Kristen said.

"Mila and Kathryn were like, "She's fine! It's fine, let's just keep rehearsing'.

"They covered for me!"

Ah, celebrities... they're just like us, right?

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