Spot the difference: Gordon Ramsay and Kris Jenner post the same photo to social media.




Kris Jenner just got caught out.

The Kardashian Momager (that’s ‘Mom’ and ‘Manager’, get it?) posted a photo on Instagram of her and celebrity potty-mouth chef Gordon Ramsay promoting their collaborative cookbook.

Kris was looking smooth and radiant and Covergirled. Gordon was looking… well, kind of sleepy, but also smooth and radiant.


Gordon had posted a picture a week earlier, taken at the same moment as the photo Kris posted.

Let’s play a good ol’ fashioned game of Spot The Difference.

Here is Kris Jenner’s perfectly airbrushed photo:



And the here is Gordon’s version of the same event. Otherwise known as THE ORIGINAL.

Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can’t wait read the cookbook ! Gx A photo posted by Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) on


Newsflash, Kris. You’re 58 and gorgeous. Stop photoshopping so hard.

And next time, try to choose a photo where Gordon looks awake.


No wonder she feels the need. Check out these celebrities before and after photoshopping:


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