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This story is beyond chilling.

Shocking news.

WARNING: this story is extremely distressing


It’s easy to become complacent about the news. It sad, but it’s true, you can scan the news pages every day and read about war and drugs and fighting and corruption. Even poverty, neglect and abuse and it’s not because you are hardened or you don’t care, that the stories don’t hit you with the full force that they should. It’s not because you can’t or don’t want to think about it but sometimes those stories seems a million miles removed from your life.

There is always fighting, poverty and sadness but the chances of it seeping into your home are almost impossible. You have built strong walls. You have a loving family, enough food to eat, a happy home – nothing bad could happen.

And then you click on a story like the one about the Krim family and you read about the unimaginable and devastating loss of their two small children who were allegedly stabbed to death in an empty bath by their nanny. And as you try to digest this you read that their mother walked into the house with her three-year old child to discover this scene.

And the news hits you in the heart and your eyes well up and all the times you have left your children in somebody else’s care flash before your eyes. Suddenly the news comes into your home and it sits in your heart in the very same place that your children do.

Tracey Moore of Jezebel writes:

Lulu and Leo Krim were allegedly stabbed to death by their nanny.

I don’t pretend to know what the Krims are feeling. I only know the unavoidable, irreversible risk one takes in having and loving a child, and it is unlike any other on earth. I have never been so attuned to the suffering of children as I am now that I have one, and once your eyes are opened to the extent of their suffering in the world, often at the hands of people they trust, you realize you would guard every last one of them with your life if you could.

I could find reason every day to hold my child a little tighter. And today I hold him while fighting back tears for a family I don’t know. I know that tomorrow my anguish will begin to fade while the devastation the Krim family are facing has just begun.

I know that I can’t let my child feel the impact of my horror and fear because of an incident, that in reality, has as much connection for him as the war stories that appear in the paper every day. He’s not going to be murdered just because someone else was and my rational mind knows that.

But today my heart is outside my body and I just want to wrap it around my son like soft cotton wool to protect him from life. To protect him from any harm and to wish for him a life where none of us have to read stories like this one ever again.

This story was originally published at Mamamia’s sister website