Krampus the Christmas Demon actually exists and he is horrifying.

Welcome to the horrifying side of Christmas (and no – I’m not talking about your drunk Uncle Grahame asking you about your sex life).

Meet Krampus, the Christmas demon:

According to European folklore, Krampus is Santa’s evil counterpart. You know how ol’ St. Nick makes a list and checks it twice, trying to find out who’s naughty or nice?

Well, Krampus takes care of the naughty kids.

By beating them with twigs, pulling off their ears, shoving them into a basket and dragging them down to hell. Then he seduces the women of the house and drinks all the Schnapps. Or something. Just watch the video:

Krampus has been making a bit of a comeback of late, with Krampus-themed parties popping up in the US, mainly hosted by people who are trying to celebrate some kind of anti-Christmas.

Because nothing says I hate Christmas like a petrifying devil-goat that rips off your ears.

Sleep well!

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