The Twitter account giving you recipes in 140 characters.

There are many good reasons to follow the Kon Karapanagiotidis on Twitter.

For starters, the founder and CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) offers important commentary on a broad range of social issues from our treatment of people seeking asylum and Indigenous Australians to gender inequality and domestic violence.

He’s also somewhat of a culinary whiz — just check out this blood orange, watercress and goat’s cheese salad he made yesterday:

Seriously. Yum.

Happily, Kon also makes a habit of posting the recipes for his delicious meals on his Twitter account and most will take you less than 15 minutes.

Dinner in less than 140 characters? Yes please!

We just loved the look of them so much we wanted to put them all in one place to refer back to later.

Here’s some of our favourites, so far:

1. Blood orange, watercress and goat’s cheese salad.

2. Pomegranate, fennel, walnut salad dressed with watercress olive oil.

3. Simple Syrian haloumi and watercress salad.

4. Extra delish-looking fried mushrooms.

5. Battered feta.

Just let that one sink in. Battered. Feta.

Stop it. (Don’t stop it.)

6. 10-minute greek feta corn fritters.

7. This dip.

8. Roast fennel rings with pomegranate. 

9. Turkish pumpkin and onions.

10. Harissa broccoli with walnuts.

11. Persian feta oyster mushrooms.

12. Handmade hilopites (Greek pasta):

13. Pasta with broad beans and peas.

14. And finally, lemon feta potatoes.

Thanks Kon!

You can follow Kon on Twitter here and find out more about the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre here.