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People are going crazy over this $4.50 Kmart lunchbox hack and it's easy to see why.

A Facebook user has shared a quick and easy hack that will make packing any school lunch approximately a thousand times easier.

The best part? It takes just two items from Kmart and will cost just $4.50.

The hack was shared on Facebook by user Rough Diamond, and shows how a giant ice cube tray and a plastic container from Kmart can be made into a Bento-style lunchbox.

And all that is required is this $3 600ml container and a giant ice cube tray (this pack of three is currently on sale for just $1.50).

A small alteration may need to be made to the tray to make it fit perfectly inside the container – some users suggested trimming the sides to make it small enough to fit.

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But it’s worth it for the six, evenly shaped, evenly spaced squares that are perfect for holding cut up fruit, cheese, crackers and whatever else takes your (or your child’s) fancy.

Plus, it easily comes apart to wash and is much, much cheaper than ready-made Bento boxes on the market (which can cost up to $40).


The post has been liked over 600 times, with hundreds of Aussie mums sharing their own stories and images of the successful technique.

“Omg! I’ve been searching for something like this forever! Thank you thank you,” one woman wrote.

“I am so doing this for my boys,” wrote another.

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