CULT BUY: The $17 flashing kids' gumboots mums are going wild for.

What’s pink, sparkly and flashes all over?

Behold: The $17 Kmart kids’ gumboots mums of the internet are going absolutely wild for:

Spotted by online community Addicted to Bargains, the gumboots are whipping up quite a frenzy on Facebook and Instagram with thousands of likes and comments.

We’re predicting Hollywood-style fights ensuing in footwear departments across the country. Shoes will fly. Words will be spoken. There might even be casualties.

This particular pair is available at Kmart, but it appears Big W is selling similar pairs of flashing gumboots – pink with hearts and blue with stars – for $15.

With winter on our doorstep, the need for practical, fashionable boots to brighten dreary mornings is at an all time high. As is the pressure to get kids dressed and out the door in weather appropriate gear that can withstand mud, puddles and anything life throws their way.


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That’s why these babies tick all the boxes.

Aside from being the unicorns of children’s footwear – a sparkly ombre of rainbow hues – they light up. We repeat. THEY LIGHT UP. It’s this kind of novelty that makes kids want to put their own shoes on, which is a win for everyone.

They’re also cheap. $17 cheap. And practical for rainy days.

These boots also serve the dual purpose of looking great and acting as an eductaional tool to learn the colours of the rainbow. So you won’t be buying them because they are 100% Instagram worthy. You’ll be furthering your child’s education.

(Image: Giphy)

You can get your hands on a pair here, but hurry, all the good sizes are going gangbusters.

P.S. This post isn't sponsored, we just know a good thing when we see it... and we genuinely wish they came in adult sizes.