Kyle Sandilands says he "dodged a bullet" by not becoming a dad.

Another day, another instance of Kyle Sandilands making us groan and shake our heads.

This morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show, the 43 -year-old revealed he and his model girlfriend of three years, Imogen Anthony, 23, have had not one, but two pregnancy scares. This is how it went down…

Jackie brought up the topic of children, while talking about the side effects of the allergy medication, Phenergan. Jackie informed Kyle the medication makes kids drowsy, saying, “Now you know, if you and Imogen decide to have kids.”

Kyle and girlfriend, Imogen.

To which Kyle replied, "That’s not happening any time soon - not that I know about anyway. Unless she does a wee on a stick and comes out with a shocked face again." He was referring back to a past pregnancy scare.

Jackie replied, "That's right, you thought you were, didn't you?"

And then the clanger came, Kyle replied, "We thought we were a couple of times, but we weren't.

"I really dodged a bullet there." Wow, that's really sweet of you, Kyle. Not.

It seems Kyle is relieved he won't be fathering children anytime soon. (Secretly, so are we.)

Kyle and Imogen.

But at least the pair are on the same page about the topic of kids, speaking to the Daily Mail last month, Imogen revealed the couple are in "no rush" to tie the knot, or have babies.

Clearly, the couple are enjoying their lives together, child free. 

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