This MKR 'baddie' is really a mum missing her boy.

It was the heartfelt moment nobody was expecting from this contestant on My Kitchen Rules…

They’ve been painted as the “mean girls” of the series. Chloe and Kelly are through to the Grand Final after narrowly beating Paul and Blair in a tense cook-off that could have gone either way. But is there more to these so-called ‘back stabbers’ than meets the eye?

My Kitchen Rules producers clearly give contestants certain roles to play throughout the series. Paul and Blair are the ‘surfer dads’, Bree and Jessica are the ‘SA mums’, Helena and Vikki are the ‘twins’ and Chloe and Kelly are mean girls. But are they really?

Chloe and Kelly discuss their sacrifice to be on the show

Last night Chloe revealed she has a secret son. She barely mentions him during the series - it doesn't really fit in with her 'mean girl' personal - but now that she's through to the finals she opened up and talked about the sacrifice she has made to be on the show.

It was moments before the first semi-final began when Pete Evans asked her, "Now you've made some sacrifices. How has it been, being here on My Kitchen Rules?"

She answered, "I hate the word 'sacrifice'. I don't like to look at it as a sacrifice. It's been such a long journey and I miss my family so much. Not being there has been really hard for me. I've got a little boy at home and I miss him like crazy but I think we've moved past that and I'm lucky Kelly's been there to help me through that and we're still here. So that's the main thing."

Chloe's a mum and Kelly is a loving and supportive friend? No!


Her 'little boy' is seven-year-old Dylan. Mum Chloe James may not be able to talk about him as much as she wants on the show but she has shown her softer side on Instagram, posting this photo of their recent catch-up during her quick stop back home in Perth for their final instant restaurant.

Image courtesy of Instagram

She posted the photo with the caption, 'We may hate instant restaurants... But anything to spend just 5 minutes with the love of my life. My lil guy!'
It turns out that Dylan is a huge inspiration for her as a cook. He is allergic to gluten and dairy, making cooking a huge challenge for any parent but it's a challenge Chloe has embraced.

Tonight SA mums Bree and Jessica face twins Helena and Vikki in the second semi final. Chloe and Kelly and Helena and Vikki have been pitted as fierce rivals during the series - the mean girls vs the twins. It sure would make for an incredible Grand Final but Bree and Jessica will go down fighting. They have spoken openly about how hard it has been to be separated from their children are and determined that the sacrifice is worth it.

With Channel 7 facing accusations of rigging the series after last night's semi final, we'll be watching tonight's episode very carefully.

Who do you think will with this year's series of My Kitchen Rules?

Did you miss last night's semi final? Here are the highlights, images courtesy of Channel 7.