10 ways kissing can improve your health.

So lean in like it’s your first kiss. Movie still via My Girl

We’ve all been through some shockers (inevitably with a seedy casino and several bottles of cheap wine thrown into the mix… sorry, what?) but no matter how gross that helicopter tongue felt at the time, it wont’ gross you out as much as this fact:

A recent study into this ‘adaptive courtship behaviour’ found that just 10 seconds of kissing results in the swapping of 80 BILLION bacteria between partners.


Well then. (source)


But don't give up on making out just yet. After learning of this frightening fact, we decided to uncover some of kissing's more redemptive qualities.

1.Kissing gets you rich.

Well, at least that got your attention! But it's not how you'd think.

A recent study among German men has found that those who have a cheeky pash before work are more productive and earn more money. We're going to go right ahead and assume this applies to women too, so go ahead and spend a little time kissing in bed in the morning (that is, if you have someone in your bed) and you'll win the minutes back at work later.

2. Kissing is good for your teeth.

The saliva produced when kissing can also act as a mouth cleanser, washing away bad bacteria and improving overall oral hygiene. However, it's probably also worth noting that a kiss between two people with poor oral hygiene can have the opposite effect. Which is why you shouldn't put your mouth on a mouth that hasn't flossed.


Also, don't forget to look after your lips - these popular balms should do the trick:

3. Kissing is as good as jogging (sort of.)

Well, maybe not. Unless you're kissing non-stop for, like, years. However, a passionate kiss can burn between two and six calories a minute, depending on who you ask. But hey, any activity that burns calories, gets you closer to a loved one and doesn't involve a gym has just got to be a good thing.

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4. Kissing advances the cause of science.

The study of kissing is a serious field. These career-blessed individuals are called Philematologists.

5. Kissing fights disease.

According to various sources, the practise of sexual kissing is a evolutionary adaptation to protect against congenital diseases. Medical Hypotheses reported that Human Cytomegalovirus, relatively harmless to adults, can have devastating impacts for infants if the disease is contracted during pregnancy. Kissing strengthen's the mother's defences against the disease, as the swapping of germs between people boosts immunity.


All too familiar. (Source)

6. You really can tell a lot about a man from his kiss.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher notes that out of the 12 cranial nerves, five of these pick up signals from around the mouth. These nerves are highly sensitive and designed to pick up tastes, smells and temperature. Gordon G Gallup, Jr, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the State University of New York, says, "At the moment of the kiss, there are hard-wired mechanisms that assess health, reproductive status and genetic compatibility."


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7. Kissing will tighten your face.

According to this study, a passionate kiss can exercise and tone more than 30 facial muscles, not to mention more than 100 postural muscles. This is one of the only ways the facial muscles get exercise, so pash away!

8. Kissing is an animal instinct.

Many animals kiss on instinct for different reasons. Like humans, chimps kiss out of love (awww!). Elephants have their own way of Frenching, by putting their trunks in each other's mouths... okay elephants. Whatever thrills you.


9. Kissing relieves stress.

The act of kissing releases several of the body's happy hormones - endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine - which result in a noticeable lowering of stress. These hormones also make you feel more romantically attracted to your partner. Go for it!

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10. And it's an all-natural pain killer.

Kissing dilates the blood vessels, which can reduce blood pressure as well as lower pain levels. Now go forth, lovelies. Spread the smooching love.

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