With one loaded tweet, Donald Trump may have accidentally set up the next election.

Citing the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him that were reignited in the media yesterday, United States Democratic Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand called upon the President to resign.

His response was in the style we’ve come to associate with President Donald Trump. It was divisive, offensive and horrific to women.

It’s propelled Gillibrand into the public spotlight and – for a senator who has long been a favourite of the Democratic party as a candidate for the 2020 presidential race – it’s speculated it may have even inadvertently kickstarted her campaign.

For once, Trump’s abhorrent behaviour has worked against him. Maybe even backfired completely.

LISTEN: We deep dive on the infamous ‘pussy-grabbing’ tape, Trump’s most public example of sexual harassment. Post continues after audio. 

It started with this from Gillibrand:

Which was met with this from Trump:

Please note the not-so-subtle slut-shaming in the way the president – yes, the president, how depressing – uses the words “begging” and then “would do anything for them”.

Has Trump not heard about the #MeToo movement? How it’s only in the dreams of dirty, powerful men that women are willing to do “anything” to succeed.

Trump’s remarks were met with this tweet fired back by Gillibrand:


And just like that, there she is. Leading the charge against Trump and – hopefully – into the future.

In September, after Gillibrand had been especially vocal against Trump’s attempts to ban transgender people from the military, political commentator Michael Starr Hopkins wrote for news website The Hill how Gillibrand is Oval Office material.

“Gillibrand’s ability to speak to the concerns of upstate, blue-collar union workers as well as downstate minorities and millennials has Democrats excited about the extent of her political future,” he wrote. “[But] the most important trait that could launch a Gillibrand candidacy straight into the White House, is [her] unique ability to inspire.”


And inspire she has. Twitter is alight with conversation – many calling for her to run in the 2020 Democratic race for a presidential nomination.




This time, Trump’s messed with the wrong woman.

Gillibrand is transparent – after taking office in the House of Representatives in 2006, she became the first member of Congress to publish her official calendar and personal financial statements.

She has been an advocate of marriage equality; of a woman’s right to choose; of, at first gun rights, and now gun control; and of accessible health care.

Most importantly though, she is not afraid to call for justice for the victims of sexual assault.

And, when bullying is handed down instead of an investigation, she’s not afraid stand up against it.

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