Kim Kardashian's Kimoji butt just broke the internet. Again.

Last year Kim Kardashian set out to break the Internet with her behind.

Today, her tochus sent the Apple app store into overdrive, as fans frantically tried to download her emoji-likeness via the new “Kimoji” keyboard.

In fact, so many people were desperate to express themselves with tiny cartoon versions of Kimmy K and her vernacular that the store actually crashed.

Something she was quick to apologise for:

The Kimoji appeared overnight and quickly rose to the top of the Apple charts, which Kimmy’s proud mum noted on Twitter:

If you’ve ever struggled writing a text and thought ‘gee wiz, a well-formed celebrity behind would really bring this message home” then this is the app for you .

It has everything a Kardashian could need to communicate in the digital era: hair dryer, Rolls Royce, donut, waist trainer (???)… you get the idea.

It even has Kim K’s version of the much sought after middle finger emoji. IKR.

In case you’re still not sure just how this keyboard will enhance your communications, America’s premier family of prolific social media users has some tips — which you can read while Apple’s tech staff desperately try to get the thing back online.

Feature image: Kimoji Facebook.

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