FLUFF: Kim Kardashian's sex tape co-star wants to give her a wedding present.





Ha. Hahaha. Haha. Ah.

This is potentially the most ridiculous Kardashian-themed story we’ve ever heard. And that’s really saying something.

Remember how Kim Kardashian first became famous? By ‘starring’ in a ‘leaked’ sex tape with ‘rapper’ Ray J back in 2007?

Well, now that Kimmy K’s getting married to Kanye West, Ray J has nobly come forward with the weirdest/funniest wedding present of all time. TMZ are reporting that the rapper wants to give Kim & Kanye a cheque for $US 47,000 – which is four months of profit from the sex tape they co-starred in 7 years ago.

Is it just us, or is this kind of a sweet gesture? Have we spent too many hours reporting on celebrity news, or does it seem sort-of… Fitting?

When the sex tape was put on the internet deliberately to launch a couple of careers leaked, Kim and Ray J sold it to an American porn company for $5 million. Since then, it’s made something like $50 million. So really, $50,000 for a wedding gift to the woman who looked bored sexy in a sex tape years ago and her new love is the least Ray J could do.

We can only imagine Kimye’s reaction went a little like this:

With a little of this:

And of course a few moments like this:

Yeah. We’re going to go ahead and say this is our favourite celebrity story of the day.

Almost better than that time Kim Kardashian solved racism.


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