The utterly nonsensical tweet retweeted more than 14,000 times.


First, North West posted a throwback picture of her mother wearing a bikini to Instagram, and now she graduated to typing on Twitter.

This, direct to you from the fingertips of North West: “jhjhh’/”.

This appears to me to be a cry for help from a first child who has just realised she’s no longer the centre of her parents’ universe.

I feel you, kid. Let it out.

Of course, it’s Kim K, so even though she’s in the midst of caring for a newborn, she found time for social media.

As is de rigeur for any celebrity mother, the parenting skills of Kardashian, 35, were then called into question by someone with a tenuous grasp on the English language.

According to Hollywood Life someone with the handle @isitcrystal posted a pic of the tweet to Instagram and wrote, “And that makes it okay for kids to use cellphones? Because???????? At 11pm. And use a cellphone? Lol at the age of ONE.” She allegedly added — and later deleted — “Your right and that’s sad… they learn how to use cellphones now before they can ever wipe there butt.”

What’s truly sad here is Crystal’s spelling. Unexpectedly, Kim Kardashian and I agreed on this.

She’s hormonal, K?

“Well at least North will know how to fucking spell you’re and their,” she wrote. Checkmate, Crystal!

Moral: don’t diss a hormonal Kim Kardashian.

I end this post with renewed hope for the educational futures of North and Saint.