Kim Kardashian's snapchat just proved perfectly how much sex sells.

Kim Kardashians’s latest Snapchat story just perfectly summed up exactly how much sex sells.

And all in less than 20 seconds.

To begin, it’s her on the latest cover of Forbes magazine. The American business and finance magazine call her a “mogul”, crediting her with a net worth of around $85 million.



And then immediately after, it’s just shot after shot of her staring at herself in the mirror, silently rubbing her stomach and turning, turning, turning, zooming, examining the curved cheeks of her arse pop from a white bathing suit.

‘Was this a post-modern statement?’ I wondered. “Is this some kind of meta message to sociologists or behavioural economists doing a dissertation on celebrity fame culture?”

Nope. She’s just being Kim.

Money. Arse. Power.

I mean, great that she knows the value of all the assets that boost her bottom line.

But, still, slightly depressing.