We can't stop staring at Kim Kardashian's body in her latest Instagram photos.

Kim Kardashian posting a risqué Instagram isn’t always enough to break the internet anymore. Hell, it’s barely enough to warrant a batting of the eyelid.

Still, the Queen of Social Media’s ‘gramming over the past few days has captivated us and made our thumbs stop and jaws hang at a precarious angle.

We’re still seeing lots of skin, but in a few different forms.

For one thing, Kardashian’s outfits over the weekend have taken skin-hugging metallics, sheer blacks and cut outs to a whole new level.


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The high-cut leotard under sheer black dress, pictured above, has generated plenty of headlines, with one media outlet questioning whether she’d taken the sheer look “too far.”

The lace camisole she was pictured in on Saturday was equally eye-catching. Who would have thought that toeing the line between naked and clothed, daytime and lingerie would be so utterly captivating?


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As was the slinky silver number she posed for a bathroom selfie with husband Kanye West in.

Bathroom selfie right before Pablo hits the stage

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With every curve expertly hugged, cupped and tugged, this is the most we’ve seen of Kim without actually seeing anything at all.

But she hasn’t abandoned the naked selfie altogether, as evidenced by her mid-spray tan Snapchat on Saturday night:

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