Kim Kardashian West has shared a picture of her trash and people are not coping.

It’s no secret that celebrities quite enjoy the finer things in life. Especially if you’re a celebrity whose name also happens to be Kim Kardashian and you can make upwards of $10 million in a single day’s work.

While we’re used to seeing the 37-year-old reality star and entrepreneur rep designer clothes, handbags and jewellery, the internet was quite unprepared to see the latest addition to her ~~fancy~~ couture collection.

That’s because the designer thing she shared was trash. Literally.

Kim shared an image of two garbage bins – one regular, one recycling – covered in designer brand Louis Vuitton’s classic ‘LV’ monogram on social media.

Kim Kardashian garbage bins
What is happening. Image via Kim Kardashian/Snapchat.

Yep, even her household waste is fancier than yours.

It's not known if the garbage cans were made especially for the reality star, or whether they're available for us regular folk to purchase.

Some speculated that the bins were props being used in a new photoshoot with the star.

Whatever the meaning behind the bins, fans weren't shy about sharing their feelings about them on Twitter.



The bins aren't the only things Kim has been showing off on social media lately: it appears she's broken the 'no jewellery' rule she made for herself following her robbery in Paris and has been sharing pictures of some fancy new bling.


Kim shared an image on Instagram of a diamond-studded grill and a number of chain necklaces.

Morning ☀️

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We guess Kim's latest designer purchases really do prove that age-old saying to be true: one woman's trash really can be another's treasure.

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