There's one thing everyone passing judgement on Kim Kardashian West needs to remember.

By now, the world knows many of the intimate details surrounding the Monday morning robbery of Kim Kardashian West — some of which have been confirmed, while others remain pure speculation.

Yet there’s one uncontested point in the mother-of-two’s story that, for some reason, everyone seems to be overlooking.

And importantly, it’s a point that tells everyone — especially Kardashian West’s haters — everything they need to know about what really happened that night.

Kim Kardashian West at a Paris Fashion Week show with older sister, Kourtney. Source: Instagram.

It took just six minutes for five masked robbers to hold the star at gunpoint, bind, gag and throw her into a marble bathtub, and eventually rob her of $14 million of jewels.

And in those minutes, the 35-year-old did not speak of designer labels, her love of money, or try to Snapchat the crime in action, as many of her haters would probably expect from the polarising reality television star.

She reportedly cried for her children and begged the group not to kill her because she had "babies at home" waiting for her.

Kim Kardashian West with her three-year-old North. Source: Instagram.

In the six minutes Kim Kardashian West thought she was going to die, she knew exactly what was important to her, just like any other human who has ever feared for their life - her family

She thought her daughter and son might grow up without a mother.


She thought her husband would not see his wife again.

Kardashian West's nine-month-old son, Saint. Source: Instagram.

She thought those six minutes might be her last.

Love her or hate her, there's nothing funny or trivial about the fear Kim Kardashian West experienced in those minutes, or the human emotion she showed when begging to not be taken from her young family.

Because those minutes count for a lot in all of this, particularly when it comes to measuring people's responses to the crime.

The family unit: Saint, Kanye, Kim and North. Source: Instagram.

They tell us that underneath the clothes and the #glamsquad and the endless posting of selfies is a woman who loves nothing more than her kids and just wants to see them grow up.

And anyone who thinks firing off quick-witted tweets about she "deserved it" or "probably enjoyed it" or "brought it on herself" should take a moment to consider if they truly think there's anything all that funny about a woman fearing she'll die without ever seeing her children again.

Personally, I don't think there is.

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