We really do need to talk about what's happening on Kim Kardashian's fingers.

You guys, the ability to use your hands is so yesterday.

The High Queen of Ridiculously Unrealistic Fashion, one Kim Kardashian, has joyfully reminded us just how rich she is by getting her fingernails pierced.

Hands! Who needs em!

Now I’m not one to judge unusual fashion choices – I’ve worn socks and sandals with the best of them – but this is edging on crazy. How are you meant to LIVE when you have several hoop earrings hanging off your fingernails?

Like, imagine trying to type an email. Or change a nappy. Or chop up a carrot. Or wipe your bum. Kim Kardashian obviously does not do any of these things for herself, but you get my point.

The Jenny From The Block fingernails were debuted on Kim’s Snapchat yesterday at what looked to be a photoshoot.

In the short clip, Kim says that “Khloe would be so proud of me right now,” because obviously Khloe has taken issue with Kim having full function of her hands, and is just so happy she’s finally done something about it.

Kim’s 2017 punk persona is clearly her ‘new look’.

So far we’ve been faced with a puzzling faux lip ring, baggy ripped jeans, and even a flannelette shirt. A goddamn FLANNELETTE SHIRT.

#KimKardashian Today out and about in Los Angeles, California. (January 24)

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So, digging a little deeper, and it seems pierced fingernails are not a new concept: all around the world, people are rushing to take punk to new levels by getting tiny rings put through their talons.

Here, have some inspiration:

(Image: Pinterest)
(Image: Pinterest)
(Image: Pinterest)

C'mon people. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. 

We could make tiny shoes or tiny jumpers for our fingers and it would be really cute but seriously now, WE NEED THE USE OF OUR HANDS AND HAVE DONE SINCE MAN FIRST STOOD UP OUT OF HIS CAVE AND CREATED FIRE.


If perspex heels, tracksuit pants with fur coats, or all-in-one beige Yeezy bodysuits weren't enough unrealistic fashion trends for you to try out at home, why not throw some earrings through your fingernails and really step up your Kardashian Game.

They weren't kidding when they predicted that we all might have some issues keeping up with the Kardashians, huh?

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