Yikes. Kim Kardashian has a lot of disappointed Aussie fans right now.

Fans who purchased Kim Kardashian‘s new Crystal Gardenia perfume are in for a disappointment this Christmas, after the scent has reportedly been banned in Australia.

According to TMZ, the alcohol content in the perfume makes it “hazardous material” by our standards – but nobody, er, told Kim that before she started selling it to everyone in November this year.

All buyers from Australia and New Zealand will be offered a full refund, but many are understandably unhappy with the news – particularly since some have been waiting for weeks to receive their purchases with no word from the company about the issues with importation.

Strangely enough, Mamamia has firsthand proof that some contraband Crystal Gardenia bottles have snuck Down Under, because we reviewed it last month. (Spoiler: it was actually quite good. Not to rub it in for everyone who can’t get it now). It didn’t seem like hazardous material at the time, but the long-term effects are yet to be determined.

There’s still no update on Kim’s website about the import ban, but that could be because… her website is completely insane and impossible to navigate? There are no words on it? At all? Am I missing something? Is this… a cool person code?

In any case, there’s no word so far on whether the ban will be lifted, so it’s probably safer to stick to smelling like Australian celebrities for now. How about a nice Darling by Kylie Minogue?

Listen: There are three Kardashian babies on the way – and the timing is very convenient.