Kim Kardashian just p*ssed off aspiring models everywhere.

Posted a photo of aspiring Aussie model. Remembered it wasn’t a photo of her. Deleted photo.

Picture this: You’re in a modelling competition with 10 other aspiring professional attractive people. You do a photoshoot – nailed it – and find out the prize for standing there and contorting your body at bizarre angles for an hour is having your winning photo featured on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

Pretty great prize, right? Exposure to her 33 million Instagram followers, who will probably not care at all and just fill up the comments with ‘LB! FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW! GET 1000 FOLLOWERS QUICK!” but hey, at least Kim noticed you.

Who cares that the other prizes are things like billboards and modelling contracts. YOU get to infiltrate the Kardashian empire and spam her followers with your face.

This exact scenario happened on the last episode of Australia’s Next Top Model, where Kardashian was a guest judge.

Check out the Australia’s Next Top Model hopefuls below. Post continues after gallery.

The winner of this extravagant prize, a girl named Izi Simundi, was promised a post on Kim’s personal Instagram, as well as the Kardashian Kollection’s page. The only problem? Kim realised pretty soon after she posted that this photo of a random Australian girl did not fit with her Instagram’s aesthetic. So she deleted it after less than a day.

Congrats to Izi for winning the #AusNTM #kardashiankollection Fashion Blogger challenge! ??

A photo posted by Kardashian Kollection (@kardashiankollection) on

Understandably, the Top Model community is a bit peeved. But hey, it’s still up on Kardashian Kollection’s page, with only 31 million less followers than Kim’s account, so it’s not the worst thing in the world, right?

Kim, busy promoting her book full of selfies, Selfish, that is basically an extension of her Instagram, hasn’t commented. But we’re betting she’s not all that fussed with the hate. She said she’d put it up, you guys. She didn’t say she’d keep it up for more than a couple of hours.

If you want to look at some photos of Kim’s face, we’ve got you covered.

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