Why this mum is defending Kim Kardashian's nude photoshoot.

Yep, we’re going there.

So Kim Kardashian posed on the front of some magazine with a whole heap of oil lacquered on her butt, right? Did you see it? It was kind of hard not to.

Did you click? Do you care? Were you shocked? Did you share it? Did you see the one she posted today?

Or were the kids too busy screaming that the Peppa Pig DVD had finished and Emme-has-taken-my-toy-and-she-isn’t shaaaaaaarrrrriiiiinnnnggggg and I-want-it-back-now.

Kim on the cover of Paper Magazine.

Supposedly the idea was to break the Internet. Did you get to that bit? Or was it hard to read under the broken screen of your iPhone?

Well the scandal has continued on today with a second pic being revealed that goes the full frontal. Yes, Kim has stripped down to her nothing-rudey-dudey-suit and shimmied up again with some more oil.

The images weren’t ever going to please everyone though, with one celebrity echoing the thoughts of many that these photos were a step too far now Kim Kardashian is a mother.

(Sharp intake of breath.)


A bastion of purity and goodness.

A diety of loveliness, of flowing pastels and ballet flats.

A guru of little ziplocked bags and tupperwear containers of diced fruit segments.

A goddess of shellacked nails and gluten-free-organic-cacao-and-chia balls.


A mother.

Kim Kardashian's full frontal.

And mothers simply don’t do this kinda thing Kimmy. Didn’t cha get the memo?

It was sitting next to the memo to breast feed, not bottle feed, to never allow screen time and to make sure all snacks are home baked rather than store bought.

The stunned celebrity currently recovering from the site of Kim’s bare bum breaking the Internet is Naya Rivera, from Glee.

Naya mum-shamed Kim Kardashian on Instagram commenting, "I normally don't ... but you're someone's mother."

The implication being that now Kim has pushed something out her vagina she shouldn’t be flashing it to her followers on social media.

Her criticism was echoed by many posters on Instagram. Disturbed that a ‘mother’ could pose in such as way.

But why? Why should becoming a mother mean your identity changes?

Image via @kimkardashian on Instagram

If before you had children you were famous for flashing flesh then should that necessarily mean a cover up once you enter motherhood?

Is Naya concerned about the affect this will have on North?

After all it is hardly the most shocking thing her famous Mum has done. You could be forgiven for being a little open-mouthed if a less flashy mother (with a less well known derriere) broke out and did the baby oil thing but this is what a Kardashian does isn’t it?

Her past aside the fact is Kim Kardashian has as much right be sexy as a mother as she did before North was born. For some reason motherhood is seen to be the primary identity of a woman once they have children.


Forget entrepreneur, forget talented-writer, forget the fact you may have been a skilled lawyer or even studying to be a portrait photographer (like Kate Middleton) once you have children, especially if you have been in the public eye the lens is squarely focused these days on your skills as a mother and on the upbringing you are giving your child.

Image via @kimkardashian on Instagram

Motherhood has become more than a family-status and become a vocation shunning all others.

In our bid to mum-shame we seem to forget the fact that celebrities have, in fact done it before. Anyone remember Madonna?

For many of us Mums the idea of stripping naked and poking our butts in the air for the amusement of social media is about as high on the list as cleaning out the linen closet but if Kim Kardashian wants to define herself this way then why the heck shouldn’t she?

Me? I’ve got a linen closet to sort out.

Do you think Kim posing nude is appropriate for a mum?

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