Kim Kardashian tried to explain why she is famous to North West and it is seriously awkward.


For her entire five years of life, North West has seen her family followed by people holding cameras and she’s a bit confused about it tbh.

North is a total fashion icon, travels on private jets and appears on covers of magazines, but she doesn’t know… why.

While being followed by paparazzi one day – just the usual, ya know – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s eldest child asked her mum why people take photos of them every day.

It’s a fair question, but, well… Yikes.

Because she is a Kardashian, the encounter was captured on video which means we get squirm along with Kim as she awkwardly answers her daughter.

Kim has previously told North it was just because they have a TV show, but this time she shared a little more info… Or was it less info? We’re not even sure.

“Well, to get very technical, my name is Kim Kardashian-” she started. Kim, that is not technical. Everyone knows that.

“And daddy is Kanye West. And daddy is a singer, performer, artiste,” she said, ignoring his most recent calling as a church leader.

“Mummy… has so many talents I can’t even begin to name them.”


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(Part 1): Kim explaining to North why she is famous ????

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Bravo Kim, bravo.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel this week, Kim said she was “obviously a little bit joking” and said she’d continue to have that conversation with her children to help them understand their unique situation.

She also shared that North sometimes gets a little carried away with her celebrity status and shouts out to let people know she’s with her famous parents.

“The other day I took North to a wedding and she was rolling down the window and going, ‘Kim Kardashian’s in here!’ like, screaming to all the drivers, saying: ‘Hi! I’m North West! Kanye West is my dad!’ And I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ rolling up the window and putting on the child lock.”