Kim Kardashian's makeup artist accidentally just gave up her "no makeup" game.

If you’re one of Kim Kardashian‘s 39 million Instagram followers, you probably found yourself scrolling through a selection of photos from her new Vogue Spain cover story yesterday.

While glamorous magazine shoots are par for the course for the reality TV star, this one was a little different. According to Kardashian’s captions, the whole shebang was a no-makeup, no-filter affair.

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 “We did the whole shoot without makeu … Theo [Wenner, photographer] gave me no direction & just wanted to capture me being me,” the 34-year-old explained in a caption, adding the hashtag #KimNoFilter.

Unshockingly, fans and online publishers lapped this up. We rarely see Kim Kardashian without her signature contouring and smokey eyeshadow, so anything less was always going to grab attention.

However, it seems the ‘makeup-free’ story has been foiled overnight, and it’s all thanks to the Kardashian family makeup artist/contouring wizard Mario Dedivanovic. He also shared some of the Vogue Spain snaps on Instagram, but his commentary told a slightly different story.

#NoMakeupByMario. Please explain...?


"I've worked on hundreds of shoots with Kim and I think this shoot might be my favorite ever. When I think of Kim this is how I see her in my mind. These images embody who she is to me - very calm, collected, peaceful. It's hard to explain, lol. #MakeupByMario #NoMakeupByMario #vogue," he captioned one image.

That's a nice sentiment and all, but it's the hashtags that have everyone talking: #NoMakeupByMario, #MakeupByMario. Uhh... anyone else perplexed by this? Is Dedivanovic claiming responsibility for not applying makeup to Kim's face?

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One look at the comments on these Instagram snaps indicates that while some people are buying this #nomakeup business, many more calling BS on it. (Post continues after gallery.)


Here are just some of the responses:

"No mascara, powder or airbrushing either? And no I'm not hating, it's a legit question."
"One person's 'no' makeup is another's 15 products."
"Please explain to me how #nomakeupbymario works pls."
"I'm pretty sure it's no makeup makeup, regardless of what they're saying."
"She's beautiful either way, but come on people. That's not no makeup."

Neither Kardashian, Dedivanovic nor Vogue have commented on the verity of the "no makeup, no filter" claim, and we can't imagine we'll ever get a straight answer. All publicity is good publicity, and so on.

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We're not suggesting the photos aren't 'natural' in style — Kardashian is clearly wearing less makeup than usual, and she looks completely beautiful as always. However, this only serves to confirm our suspicion that the phrase "no makeup" means something entirely different in the native tongue of the beauty industry.

Out here in the real world, going without makeup doesn't involve a makeup artist. Or makeup. Hence the phrase "no makeup".

Kardashian's cover


If a female celebrity wants to wear heavy makeup on a magazine cover, that's great. If she wants to wear just a bit of makeup, that's great too. If she doesn't want to wear a scrap of it? Also great. But regardless of which route she chooses, a little transparency would go a long way.

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That said, there's every chance Dedivanovic is trolling us all with his choice of hashtag, in which case: he got us. He got us good.

What do you think - does it count as "makeup free" if a makeup artist had something to do with it?