The very silly reason people are shocked by Kim Kardashian's new nude shoot.

No-one could blame you for being tired of looking at Kim Kardashian’s lady parts. But this? This can’t be the reason.

Hello and this is Kim Kardashian‘s vagina. We think you’ve met before.

Just days ago, we were looking at her bum. Again. And now, we’re back to the front.

Kim Kardashian goes full frontal for Love magazine photo shoot. Via Twitter.

You wouldn’t imagine that anyone is shocked to see Kim’s bits all oiled up and arty, leaked from a new copy of LOVE magazine, but apparently, some people really, really are.

And not because there’s nothing much to see here. No, it’s because She’s Someone’s Mother.

And when you’re Someone’s Mother, people on social media will always point it out. And say things like this:

“I’m so sick of seeing Kim Kardashian naked. You’re someone’s mother. You act like we can’t all log on and see you screwing Ray J if need be.”

“Getting really bored of seeing Kim Kardashian naked lately… she must be desperate for cash… cover up for your daughters sake yuck! [sic]”

Kim K bares all from behind as well. Image via Twitter.


It’s exactly the same criticism that she attracted with her infamous champagne-popping ‘break the internet’ Paper magazine shoot. Comments like these:

“I normally don’t comment, but she’s someone’s mother.”

“You are a mother and a wife, respect yourself!”

“People really thought being a mother would stop Kim Kardashian from ho-ing lol”

Charming, right?

THAT cover for Paper magazine where Kim tried to break the internet with her butt. Image via Twitter.

Look, it’s not like we think Kim Kardashian’s going to look up from counting her money and polishing her parts to bother herself with this criticism. It is very clear that she gives exactly no f-s what anyone thinks of her and what she does with her body.

And this tireless self-objectification is getting a little, well, tiring.

One of the photos from Kim’s LOVE magazine photo shoot. Image via Twitter.

BUT Kim Kardashian being a mother has nothing to do with whether or not she should invest in some pants.

Mothers – and we hate to alarm anyone – are people too. They are exhibitionist people, shy people, loud people, talented people, sexual people, balance-a-bottle-on-my-bum-and-call-it-my-birthday kind of people.

And none of that precludes them from loving their children.

Kim on the cover of LOVE magazine’s upcoming edition. Image via Twitter.

Mothers are People who can do whatever the hell they please.

So, please. Let’s leave a woman’s reproductive status out of our critique.

Something tells us North West is already going to have plenty to talk about in her therapy sessions.

On the off-chance you haven’t seen enough of Kim’s body, lately, here’s more, more, more.

Do you view these kind of sexual images differently if the model’s a mother?