This might be the most thoughtless thing Kim Kardashian has ever said.

In her almost decade-long tenure as a PR and social media aficionado, Kim Kardashian-West appears to have missed a glaring memo the rest of us learnt a long while ago: jokes, no matter how funny, don’t translate so well on social media.

(Especially when you’re more well-known for your reality TV stardom rather than comedic timing.)

Kardashian-West’s latest foray into the depths of the internet’s outrage has come after the 36-year-old tweeted that the “flu can be an amazing diet” and that she is “so happy it came in time for the Met [Ball].” Because duh! Being sick is the easiest diet of all! No exercise required, and certainly no need to eat well. Why haven’t we been chasing germs all this time?

She’s joking…I think…but also kind of not really joking at all?

The since-deleted tweet was followed up by another, with the reality TV star re-tweeting an image of herself from the weekend, running with the caption "flu got me like".

Understandably, Twitter was having absolutely none of it, and true-to-form, had no issue telling her that. After all, Twitter's bread and butter is roasting a silly celebrity for saying silly things.



Next time, Kardashian-West either should avoid boasting about the benefits of the flu, blame her weight loss on healthy eating or even stop cracking jokes. Any or all of the above should suffice.