Kim Kardashian West is not a platinum blonde anymore.

Image: Instagram.

Three weeks is an eternity in the life of a Kardashian.

So much so, that Kim’s already bored of the platinum blonde ‘do she had bleached in time for Paris Fashion Week less than a month ago.

And while conspiracy theorists warned us all that her new hair was actually a wig, the bounty of in-salon shots Kim shared on Instagram seemed to throw shade on that.

One of Kim's many hair salon selfies.


ut alas, yesterday Kim was spotted dropping her daughter North West off at her ballet class in California WITH BLACK HAIR (see below).

Image: Twitter.

There are a few things that could've happened here:

1. Kim was in fact wearing a blonde wig the whole time (she got us, she got us good).

2. She got sick of her hair and decided to call an emergency appointment (that poor hairdresser, honestly).

3. She is, in fact, a hair wizard.

The 34-year-old had been back to re-dye her hair three times in three weeks, sharing the progress on instagram.

Image: @kimkardashian

"Being blonde is a full time job!" She captioned the above picture a week ago.

Looks like the peroxide finally got the better of her. Take a look at Kim's hair journey...