Oh Kim K. Did you really think we wouldn't notice you had altered this photo?



Kim K has been caught out. We know it, she knows it, even North West probably knows something has gone on.

She’s responded to critics (everyone) who questioned why on earth she would ever crop her daughter out of her selfie.

We have no words. In other news, ‘feeling my look’ is our new favourite phrase.

Mamamia previously wrote…

Known champion of humility and modest queen of our hearts, Kim Kardashian, has posted an unassuming photo on Facebook and Instagram that garnered no attention whatsoever.


She posted a selfie in which she cropped out her baby in order in to get the best angle on her cheekbones.

This was just posted from all of Kimmy K’s accounts:


Yeah. Her daughter North totally would have ruined that picture anyway.











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