Fans have a theory about the curious timing of Kim Kardashian's 'cellulite' photos.

24 hours on from being released, the world still cannot stop talking about Kim Kardashian West’s bum — or more specifically, the cellulite on it.

Some people love it and think it champions a new era of “real” bodies, whereas others think it’s shameful and should be covered up at all costs.

kim kardashian surrogate
Kim Kardashian West's latest images may be more than a simple coincidence. Source: Getty.

Now, after much speculation, a theory as to the timing of the images has emerged.

According to some Kardashian conspiracy diehards, the conversation-starting images were snapped and released just hours before Kim's latest project - a limited edition lipstick collaboration with her younger sister Kylie Jenner for Kylie Cosmetics - was released online.

And whaddya know, it sold out within less than an hour.

So, was this an inspired PR campaign trying to pass itself off as chance timing, or just simple coincidence?

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It's hard to say. But the fact the photos were taken while the 36-year-old was in Mexico to celebrate her older sister Kourtney's birthday (a date that can't exactly be negotiated or move to fit in with collaboration releases) suggests that it was a simple coincidence.

Then again, this is the Kardashian-Jenner family we're talking about, and if there's one thing that's become abundantly clear in the 10 years they've been in the spotlight, it's that any coincidences involving them are almost always opportune ones.

What do you think - coincidence, or savvy business move?