Kim's Internet-breaking shoot - from the front. We know. We're sorry.



Paper Magazine has released new photos on their Instagram, and Kim is about to rebreak the internet. Full. Frontal. Nudity.

Prepare for an internet shutdown.


Mamamia reported yesterday:



Coco Jambo.

Whatever you call it, Kim Kardashian’s rear end is hard to miss.

And she just broke the internet with this new cover from Paper magazine.

In two separate shots, Kim shows us just what her ass can do. First, she can balance a glass on it. And it makes her REALLY HAPPY. See?

Happy Kim with ass-glass. Weeeeeee.

Definitely a useful skill, in case one were to run out of tables and sideboards at a party. Problem solved! (And yes, we assume that is photoshopped beyond belief, because surely her ass-glass aim is not that good. Or maybe she’d practised?)

But what else can Kim’s Kaboose do? It can look shiny.

More pictures of the most famous posterior in the world:

Very shiny.

Very, very shiny.

Cheeky Kim and Kim’s cheeks.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been staring at that for ten minutes. Better get back to work.


Alright, one more minute. It’s just… so… ass.

Photos courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s instagram account. See?


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


#BreakTheInternet indeed, Kim.

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